Friday, December 31, 2010

Well come to my blog !

I'm one of the Fake Sweets artist in Japan.

 I live in KOBE.

 Kobe is a town famous for its rial sweets.

 But I make the cake made from clay. ( Do not eat ! )

 In art class in college, I teach  making fake sweets.

 Candy is the happy heart.

 Fake cake can be kept locked most beautiful moments.

 To all the world and get to know more about this wonderful art.

 "Dolce Mente" is the name of my brand of Fake Sweets.

Please come to my blog!

( sorry. This syte is japanese display only. )


  1. Things you make are just adorable! I would love lo attend sweets making classes! But there is none in UK :( I'd like to comment on your japanese blog but I don't understand a thing! :D So I will be commenting here :)

  2. > Mini Mo
    Thank you for comment.
    (Sorry. I'm not good at English. But I can understand if the simple sentences.

    Are you making the real sweets took part in a classroom?
    or...making a deco sweets & fake sweets ?

    Even in countries other than Japan, deco sweets & fake sweets crafts are popular, making it. (^v^)/

    Do you get the material and where?
    I will often use home improvement
    Craft shop and general store also go.
    In Japan, it is very easy to use but you take the clay from Japan.

  3. I'm sorry for not replying earlier!
    English is not my first language either, so don't worry! :) Im Polish and I live in UK.

    I learn how to make clay sweets from internet, mainly from japanese blogs. I don't understand much, sometimes translate it in Google Translator. I have never attended any class about deco sweets :(

    I get materials from internet, they sometimes come from Japan too. But I try to find cheaper substitutes here in UK, like clay or painting materials.

    And I usually try to learn things by myself, just making mistakes and then learning from them :)
    That's how I can create my own style.

  4. Do not worry, all right.

    Actually, me too !

    I am translate it in Google Translator.

    At first, I had just failed.

    Because of that, now that a lot of clay dirt.

    "Failure teaches success"(^0^)


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