Friday, January 28, 2011

In Japan, how to make !

I am a part time lecturer in the college.

Outside of school is how to make (deco sweets & fake sweets ) your own personal studio in.

At school, I teach Art of Sweets modeling.

The shape of a cake, made from different materials inedible.

For example, such as silicone rubber or made from clay.

Previously, I was introduced to TV and newspapers.

The shape of a fake cake and deco sweets art  to teach in college  is just me in Japan.

Professionally, I teach fake sweets and deco sweets.

If you know the Japanese deco culture would feel with.

I am a only recipe has not published a book on how to make (fake sweets and deco sweets  made from cray).
My dream is to publish a book on how to make.

 Great to be published in countries other than Japan.

I hope the dream comes true.

Cupcake with a drink, and how to make in my studio.


This chocolate flavor.

This is a strawberry flavor.

This is a Paris-Brest.

Please come and see my blog !

My blog has published an post image in fake sweets and deco sweets.

This time, I wrote the first long sentence.

Many sentences wrong, sorry.

I would like to learn more English. (^_^;


  1. Oh don't worry about your English, I think it's really good! And telling you frommy experience, writing blog in English is a really good lesson. Blogger even have spell check, so you're constantly learning words :) I was too a bit worried how will I sound on my blog but now I feel more confident :) You will too! ^_^'

  2. だいじょぶ!
    本ずくりを がんばってください! できたら わたしも かってみたいです!
    Dolceさまの 手ずく裏も ほしいいです!Hawaiiまで おくりできますか?
    オはらいわ どおやってできますか? 
    交換でも できますか?
    おへんじを まってます!

  3. To Mini Mo

    Thank you!

    I would like to study English to see your blog.

    I do my best.(^ w ^)

    To Otete
    Japanese Languageで 書いても わかりますか?

    Thank you for comment.

    Planning and presenting the book publisher, and I think quite a lot.

    From the publisher of your country, deco sweets and fake sweets could publish a book I hope.

    わたしは Web Shoppingを しています。

    However, foreign ships are long.
    (maybe 10 years)

    おしはらい は 「ゆうちょ銀行」で 
    International Paymentを 希望します。

    But, Commissionが Too expensive びっくり!

    キーホルダー or ストラップなら、交換 OK ですよ。

  4. Ryokosan! Jya jyushyowo oshietekudasai! email me: watashimo email de oshiemasu.
    Ato nanka America no monoga hoshikatta oshietekudasai.

  5. I'll wait for your book.Wish your dream will be come true. (>o<)//

  6. Hi! Your work is really amazing, and I really enjoyed your blog! May I try to write in japanese? It's hard, but I never have the opportunity to write to anyone in japanese.



    私はfake sweetsが大好きなのに、ブラジルではそのものを見つかることが難しいです。Ryokoさんのクラスを受け取りたいけど、私には日本語の漢字はとても難しいです。いつか英語で本を書いたら、私が絶対買います。

    Congratulations on your wonderful job! I really wish I could live in Japan and attend your classes. Your blog became one of my favorites, I'll certainly come back. And you inspired me to try and make a fake cupcake as a birthday gift to my friend, because she really loves cupcakes. Thanks for everything!

    1. Hi ! Hanna.

      Thank you for comment !

      Now, I’m busy…, and very very busy!

      Guidance to students at a vocational school, i have always tension.

      And…, I teach how to make a Fake Sweets (Fake Foods) in my home classroom.

      I'm going work shop events(make a sweets deco from clay) , day after tomorrow.

      I teach the readers of blog, how to make fake sweets made by clay someday.

      To fun !


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