Monday, February 28, 2011

Fake donuts of soft texture

Hello there !
This fake donuts  works are made with materials other than clay.
Material made of urethane foam.
 It is too lifelike bubbles.
This  deco frame is decorated at my private classes.

Rewrote a new testimonial !
(I'm not confidence in English but i want to study well.)

How about this !?

Hello there!
I'm Ryoko Kato.
I am  Fake sweets & Sweets deco Artist.
My works was picked by Japanese media and newspaper.
I am a lecturer who teaches Sweets Modeling (fake sweets deco) at Special school .
Sweets modeling (fake sweets & sweets deco )  lecturer who teaches at Japanese Special school is just me.

Dolce Mente” is the website managed by Ryoko Kato who is a fake sweets deco artist.
I sell  fake sweets deco Interiors, fake sweets straps, fake sweets keyrings, accessories tray, mirrors, and so on.
 All of them are handmade.

My shopping web sitefake sweets deco & sweets deco).

My web sitefake sweets deco classes).

My blogfake sweets & sweets deco).


  1. Your donuts are so realistic! :D I've read about urethane foam on some japanese blogs before but I couldn't find anything like this to buy on English websites :( I think it workes a bit like craft resin. Am I right? I know that you can make beautiful cakes from it! :) I'd love to try it out...

    And your english is really good :) You shouldn't be worried. And I love your blog's new background too!

  2. Hi, Mini Mo !
    Thank you for comment !

    I bought it from TOKYU HANDS in Sannomiya shop.
    (I don't know whether could the international shipping.)

    In Japanese,see " 発泡ウレタンソフト".
    I have a link from my japanese blog .

    I'm Study English, hard!


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