Saturday, March 12, 2011

There was a large earthquake in Japan 14:26 11.March.


Tsunami has engulfed several large towns.
The tsunami swept away with very many people, has not been still found.
There are many areas.
But,rescue is not yet.
Have waiting for rescue in many areas!
please help the people!


  1. I heard about it and I'm really emotional about it. Are you okay where you at? :C

  2. Sono molto addolorata per quanto è successo e sta succedendo in Giappone.Noi tutti partecpiamo al vostro grave disastro, ne ho parlato anche nel mio blog postando l'immagine del Panda terrorizzato

  3. Ryoko, I hope you are OK! I've heard that there could be another earthquake in Japan :( i really hope everything will be over soon and there will be no more tragedy :(

  4. >The Candy Sanctuary san
    Worried about me, thanks.
    I'm safe.

    >ellebi san
    Preoccupata per me, grazie!

    >Mini Mo san
    Worried about me, thanks.
    Still find many missing persons.
    Nuclear power plant accident, is still going on.

    Japan, for reconstruction, and good luck!


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