Friday, May 6, 2011

Key Holder of Rabbits and fruit

Long time no see everyone!

I was busy with a little work.

And big business may come too!

I hope to come true ...

This time I made ​​of resin!

Resin parts made ​​in rabbits.

Other parts are made ​​with polymer clay.

Rabbits are made ​​in three dimensions.

Coat well!

It is pretty hard to draw the eyes of rabbits.

But power is important eyes!

Since I still do not understand English too, will be sold only in Japan shopping site.

Check out my web site!

Check out my japanese dialy.
Check out my shopping store.

This site is link free.
Please use this banner link.

This site is my boss.

 He is a teachers and professional of cartonnage.

 The site has published a recipe.

Check out Cartonnage web site!


  1. This key charm looks so cute! And the bunny is just adorable! I've had a dream about cute little bunny recently so this is like a deja vu for me! :D hehehe...
    Ekhm back to being serious :) I've looke at your boss' page but I dont understand much.. what is cartonnage?

  2. Thank you for saying cute!
    This bunny is my favorite too!
    It was not easy to make, it worked hard so it will be cute.

    In Japan , "sexagenary cycle" have.
    Using 12 species of animals, we divide the year born.
    My sexagenary cycle is "rabbit ".

    Actually, I dont know about "cartonnage" .
    To explain briefly, and crafts to make a cloth or paper pasted of boxes,and the other tassels.

    Teachers are described in HP in english profile.
    Please try to see here.


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