Saturday, April 16, 2011

charlotte aux fruit

Hi friends!
I made a charlotte cake.
Of course, fakes!

This time, I used a lot of fruit.
Fruit is also used clay to make transparent.
The texture clarity is important.

Consider the how to decoration.
Once the image has started working.

Base is topped with a mousse flavored jelly belly.

The decoration!

The gloss varnishing.

It is not dry white and varnish cloudy.

Transformed into a delicious!
The finished charlotte is hearty.

The ornament is not just.
Actually making the glove compartment!

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  1. Thanks!

    And eat the real thing, get fat!

  2. It's just amazing! Every time you show your creations I'm more and more impressed :D
    May I ask which clay did you use to make fruits? Is it transparent clay like sukerukun?

  3. it looks real and delicious... i love it so much!!

  4. Thank you!

    >Mini Mo san

    I use to "SUKERUKUN"and"MODENA".
    These are best when you make a fruit!

    "SUKERUKUN" but takes longer to dry.
    And the price is high.

    > carol's clay.handiwork san
    Thank you!
    I'm happy and feel delicious!

  5. Yes Sukerukun is pricey but it's worth it as fruits made with this clay are just amazing. And i think that fruits make the difference in making clkay sweets as they add this "wow" factor :D

  6. Ano haatono tanega kawaiidesu!

  7. >Mini Mo san
    You're right!
    In addition to fruit, and it is ideal for gummy and candy.

    It also makes many things!
    Stay tuned.

    >Otete san
    riaruni tsukuruigaini iroirona kufuuwo korekaraha siteikitaito omoimasu!
    FAKE SWEETS CRAFTS no hattenn no tameni!

    itsuka Otetesanto "Collaboration" shitaina!(^v^)

  8. >Scrogglez san
    Thank you!
    It taste clay. (^□^)

  9. Ryoko, I have a question, like a student to a Teacher :)
    What clay is the best for strawberries, Sukerukun or Modena? I tried Sukerukun and strawberries become too transparent. I also tried Modena but I when I cut strawberry in half, I get these lines on the surface (and then it's hard to paint them) I don't know if I should wait untill they are completely dry or cut them when they are still soft?

    Thank you!

  10. >Mini Mo san

    Hi! Q Sure.

    If you make a fruit, "Modena" is the most suitable material.
    "Sukerukun" material that is suitable for the cross section of orange.
    And...It is the best material, such as a small transparent raspberries and currants.

    If you make a strawberry cut in half, then cut the strawberries after a little dry.
    It is also cut with less distortion has become so dry and semi-hard surface.
    So very hard to dry out, it is difficult to cut.

    Write a cross-section brush, the better thin.

  11. Thank you so much for your help!
    I've just made some more strawberries with Modena and it does work if you cut it somewhere after 2 hours of drying, just when the "skin" is dry and inside still soft. I will learn more and hopefully I will know how to make them look perfect :)

    I'm kind of your student online! :D
    And I think I still feel like Mini Mo chan, instead of san :D (hmm I hope it's correct in Japanese :)

  12. Hi, my online student Mini Mo chan !

    You're welcome !
    If I made ​​a life size, cut to about half a day to dry.
    Please be careful to dry in the smaller.
    Because of the rapid drying of small size so please be careful.
    Have a wonderful day !

  13. Wow, it looks delicious and good enough to eat!
    Can you tell me what brand of gloss varnish you use?
    Sorry for the trouble, thank you!


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