Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urethane foam to make cupcakes!

The urethane foam, sponge dough Can be make.
Recently, a new polyurethane foam material was released from the company PADICO.

Here are the cupcakes with urethane foam.

An  A agent is mixed with the pigment.
 Then stir into a B agent.

Put mixture into a silicon mold.
The amount may be expanded into a silicon mold so that one-third.
Completed expansion reaction has stopped.

Squeeze the cream.

To finish decorating it looks great!
Sponge fabric color, you can make many kinds I change the color mix.

I like relatively simple design !

The fabric texture is nice to use a sponge urethane foam.

Seems like a real!

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  1. I saw this on sale. I wanted to try it so badly. I believe "fuwa fuwa" is a good way to put how soft and touchy it looks.

    I want to try it, I think I might.

  2. Yay! Thank you for sharing this with us! I've tried polyurethane foam too ( I believe it's almost the same as urethane foam) and I love it now :) I will make cupcakes too but I would like to ask if the cream holds to the foam or do I have to use a glue to secure it?

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  4. > Pawawanpi san
    There are also elastic texture.(^v^)
    Suited to represent the fabric of a soft sponge.
    Is this items difficult to obtain overseas?
    I also popular in Japan, fluffy texture.

    > Mini Mo san
    I'm good like fluffy texture!

    Cream material, "modeling paste"I'm using.
    No need to use glue.

    Cream textured material similar to most "Creamy Whip" is.


    I'm using.

    > ellebi san
    Come non familiari.
    Ma io ho la mia pagina!

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