Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dolce Mente will be broadcast on TV!

Hi, friends!
 "FAKE SWEETS artists working in Kobe" will be broadcast on NHK.

"FAKE SWEETS" I want people to know a lot of charm.

The jewel-like sweets,  heart is healed.

This craft is  "Satiety of mind " .
I want to send its charm from Japan.
Right, that's me.
Left, a reporter.

"ニュース神戸発" ~ とっておき兵庫 ~ April 11  18:10 to 19:00
"ぐるっと関西おひるまえ" ~ たっぷり兵庫 ~ April 12  11:30 to 12:00
It is scheduled to air in five minutes!
sorry. (>_<)
In other countries, can not see this broadcast.
So i will later the report!


  1. Congratulations! :D Wish I could watch it!

  2. Omedeto! Mada net de miru houhou wo sagashiteimasu! Tanoshimidesu!

  3. By the way.. Ryokosan Kawaii! =)

  4. >Mini Mo san
    Thank you!(^0^)
    You will find in the photo in my blog after the broadcast!

    >Otete san
    Thank you!
    satsuei kincyou simasita!(*^v^*)

    This TV station is broadcasting.
    NHK (KOBE)
    But...There are no videos yet. (^_^;

    This photo is miracle!(^0^)

    Otetesan, You are sexy than my image!

  5. Congrats!

    You don't know if there will be a stream of this for US viewers? I do not get the channel but would love to see it.


  6. Thanks Mandah!

    KOBE NHK local broadcast station, so in foreign countries may not see.
    But, perhaps because daytime TV broadcast extensive than that
    Stream? Sorry, I know.

    But I just was broadcast!
    Write a blog now reports.


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