Saturday, April 16, 2011

charlotte aux fruit

Hi friends!
I made a charlotte cake.
Of course, fakes!

This time, I used a lot of fruit.
Fruit is also used clay to make transparent.
The texture clarity is important.

Consider the how to decoration.
Once the image has started working.

Base is topped with a mousse flavored jelly belly.

The decoration!

The gloss varnishing.

It is not dry white and varnish cloudy.

Transformed into a delicious!
The finished charlotte is hearty.

The ornament is not just.
Actually making the glove compartment!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urethane foam to make cupcakes!

The urethane foam, sponge dough Can be make.
Recently, a new polyurethane foam material was released from the company PADICO.

Here are the cupcakes with urethane foam.

An  A agent is mixed with the pigment.
 Then stir into a B agent.

Put mixture into a silicon mold.
The amount may be expanded into a silicon mold so that one-third.
Completed expansion reaction has stopped.

Squeeze the cream.

To finish decorating it looks great!
Sponge fabric color, you can make many kinds I change the color mix.

I like relatively simple design !

The fabric texture is nice to use a sponge urethane foam.

Seems like a real!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

It was aired on TV!

Hi, friends!
The report in the photograph.

In KOBE  where broadcast.
Macaroons made ​​of clay, decorated with authentic macaroons.
So which one is real! ?

How it was released.
But it was all being broadcast.
 Showed how to make macaroons for.
 But,the half were cut.

Filmed in the department store.
This is making a parfait look fake.

It is all fake cake, too.

Fake parfait will  memo the stand.
looks so delicious & functional !

This day,guidance for how to make a fake parfait.

NHK KOBE was from broadcasters.

I want to send a Fake sweets fun!
Thank you for the watching!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dolce Mente will be broadcast on TV!

Hi, friends!
 "FAKE SWEETS artists working in Kobe" will be broadcast on NHK.

"FAKE SWEETS" I want people to know a lot of charm.

The jewel-like sweets,  heart is healed.

This craft is  "Satiety of mind " .
I want to send its charm from Japan.
Right, that's me.
Left, a reporter.

"ニュース神戸発" ~ とっておき兵庫 ~ April 11  18:10 to 19:00
"ぐるっと関西おひるまえ" ~ たっぷり兵庫 ~ April 12  11:30 to 12:00
It is scheduled to air in five minutes!
sorry. (>_<)
In other countries, can not see this broadcast.
So i will later the report!
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